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We create infographics for businesses and brands.


We create static and animated infographics for businesses and brands, helping them communicate complex information in a simple and engaging way. We help companies, just like yours, find their story and tell it with clarity, by bringing the data to life using vivid visuals.


Speak to the clear communication experts, the Infographics Factory, and find out how we can make your message stand out for marketing, PR and business reporting.



Latest examples of our work:


infographics factory bristol response tap thumb
infographics factory bristol microsoft thumb
infographics factory bristol osteoporosis thumb


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“The infographics factory team are creative and professional. David has a great editorial mind for the interesting news angle and the team can make the even dullest of subjects into a beautifully crafted infographic.” 

profile-photo-montagecomms-96x96Matt Anderson
Commercial Director
Montage Communications